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Sidney J. Furie
Director, The Ipcress File, Lady Sings the Blues, Iron Eagle, Going Back


Two thumbs up! Your professonalism and attention to detail are unparalleled. Our trailers have never looked better.

Danish Vahidy
Marketing Manager, Mongrel Media

Working with Saul on projects is always a pleasure because he shows a clear empathy and understanding for the material and brings fresh and smart ideas to the table.

Oliver Groom
DVD Producer and President, Project X Distribution


I love working with Saul. His knowledge of the craft and his creative application of that knowledge impresses me time and again. From his technical proficiency and vision for a project, to his good-natured personality and incredibly high standards for quality, Saul is a true professional.

Tim Curran
Editor, Film Score Monthly Online

As an editor, Saul has a brilliant combination of intelligence, grace and lean kinetic talent. He is able to crystallize the work of the screenwriter and the director, while adding his own formidable storytelling sensibilities to the mix. As a creative producer, there isn't much that Saul can't deliver – and deliver well – on a daily basis throughout the entire filmmaking process.

Josh MacDonald
Winner, Best Actor, 1994 Atlantic Film Festival for Degrees

Saul did some wonderfully inventive and apt camera work for our documentaries
Backroads and When Two Won’t Do. His calm, sensitive nature helped him achieve a special kind of intimacy with our subjects, and he excelled at close family situations and warm interviews. Saul also shot some of the glorious scenery and spectacular wide shots in Backroads that placed our characters in their environment.

Maureen Marovitch


Working with a talented team such as Mongrel Media has been a pleasure. It is particularly rewarding working with Saul Pincus in his role as Post Supervisor. Saul's technical standards combined with his creative input helps us to achieve compelling movie trailer sound that competes well for the big screen audience.

Dwayne Newman
President, Film Sound One

Saul has been invaluable as a sounding board and resource. His ability to drill down to the root of an issue and reference a precedent is almost uncanny. I attribute that to his almost-encyclopedic knowledge of film and his deep understanding of production – which he comes by honestly due to a plethora of personal experience.

John Nabereznyj
Post Production Supervisor

In many of my music and documentary projects, Saul has handled everything from music editing, picture editing and cinematography to post production supervision. The jobs are thankless, invisible and unpopular. I wonder sometimes why he does it...but I'm so glad he does!

Amin Bhatia
Music Composer

The whole presentation of the DVD is excellent, graphically, as well as in its contents.  Please thank Saul for us when you next contact him…The entire presentation has a very solid and serious, and professional, as well as challenging, feel to it. So many congratulations!

Peter Watkins
Director, reacting to the 2005 special edition DVD release of his 1971 film Punishment Park

I consider Saul a top craftsman in every way, because he pours care and exactitude into everything on which he embarks.

Mike Petersen

Besides being a walking encyclopedia of film music, Saul has the composer’s gift of melody, harmony and rhythm that make him fully capable of understanding all the musical needs of any film. His musical awareness gives him an edge that other directors and producers lack when it comes to truly understanding the tempo and pace that a film needs for maximum impact.

Mitch Magonet
Music Composer


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